1. (взаимо)связь; перекрестная связь; взаимодействие
2. соединение; сочленение
3. (соединительная) муфта; штуцер
coupling from roll to pitch
aero/structural coupling
aerodynamic coupling
aerodynamic cross coupling
aeroelastic coupling
aeroservoelastic coupling
autopilot coupling
axis coupling
bend-twist coupling
bending-torsion coupling
bending-torsion stiffness coupling
blade-to-blade coupling
boundary layer-external flow coupling
control coupling
cross coupling
deformation coupling
directional coupling
displacement-thickness coupling
dynamic coupling
elastic coupling
extension-twist coupling
flap-lag coupling
flap-lag structural coupling
flow coupling
forebody-wing flow coupling
gas-particle coupling
gyroscopic coupling
inertial coupling
inter-axis coupling
interblade coupling
kinematic coupling
material-aerodynamic-structural coupling
mechanical coupling
modal coupling
open-loop cross coupling
pitch coupling
pitch-flap coupling
pitch-lag coupling
pitch-roll coupling
pitch-to-roll coupling
pitch-to-sideforce coupling
pressure-split coupling
rigid body-structural mode coupling
roll-to-pitch coupling
roll-yaw coupling
roll-pitch coupling
rotor couplings
rotor-body coupling
rotor-fuselage coupling
stiffness coupling
structural coupling
tension-twist coupling
thermal-control-structural coupling
torsion-flexure coupling
velocity-split coupling
wing/rotor coupling
yaw coupling
yaw/roll coupling

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